We sell Diamond Liquid Lapping Fluid which is faster, cleaner and more cost efficient than conventional abrasive lapping fluid.  

The abrasive is the essential element to obtain the lapping characteristics required for a given application.  It is essentially due to its diversity in nature, granulation and presentation.

The diamond abrasive is mainly used in lapping and polishing operations.

Our Product Range:

-  3 Micron

-  6 Micron

-  14 Micron

-  25 Micron

-  45 Micron

-  Lubricating Fluid

The products are available in 400/2000 gram bottles except for the lubricating fluid which are only available in 2 litre bottles.

Our product offers 3 qualities:

-  Economy & Efficiency

    Available in 400g & 2000g bottles

-  Total Quality Control & Consistent lapping/polishing performance

    Manufactured using total quality control systems

    To provide quarantined consistent results

-  User friendly & Easy to clean

We also do the following on request:

-  Diamond Slurry Lapping Fluid

-  Diamond Lapping Powder

-  Diamond Paste